Monday, November 3, 2008

We survived Halloween

Good morning! I am finally able to say those very words on a morning where I actually have cable, phones, and the Internet. I feel alive. In the end, it turns out that the problem with my Charter services was very complex. It turns out to be the exact same problem that I identified for them on the very first day of our outage. Furthermore, the solution to our problem was also the very same solution that I pointed out on that very first day. In the end, 9 technicians came to our house and we had at least 4 other line technicians visit. Each came with false information and were not adequately prepared to solve out issue. It was the last line technician, 16 days after our outage began, that actually followed my instructions and was able to identify and fix the problem. In the end, I can only tell you that it was not the technicians or the support personnel that were flawed. It was the system and the inability for Charter to communicate internally. This is a management problem, not one of incompetence. Sadly, this issue shows no signs of change. I was blown away by the number of individuals within the company who recognized these issues and were still unable to work around them. My advice - find another cable, Internet and phone provider. Charter Communications is not capable of providing reliable service.

Now, onto happy subjects - Halloween. Can I tell you how much fun my kiddos had? They had a blast. They had a blast traipsing around the neighborhood but, honestly, I think they had far more fun handing candy out at the door. Here are a few pictures so that you can share in our fun.

The Halloween Twerp Crew

Ainsley Alley Cat (before candy)

Ainsley Alley Cat (after candy)

Now, you may think this last picture was staged or perhaps Ainsley was laying next to the toilet for some other reason. No, Ainsley is a candy junky and this is what happens when you sneak away with your candy and try to eat as much of it is you possibly can. I hate to say this about my own daughter but something tells me that this will not be the last time that I find her curled up next to the porcelain thrown. This seems only to be a precursor of things to come.
Well, as usual, I can talk for hours if given adequate opportunity. On Friday, we also had a city water line burst in our front yard which is another story in and of itself. We continue to chase answers on the findings to Sydney's last vaccine lab draw and, in a strange and somewhat ironic twist of events, they published a journal article on this very same vaccine study over the weekend. Finally, there is a ton taking shape with Lunch for Life.

Yes, I could go on and on and on.
It will have to wait until tomorrow.
Today I have purpose to get to.

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