Monday, December 1, 2008

The Return to Reality

Good morning! The Dungan's survived the hay hole and their journey back home to Texas. Yes, we have accomplished a lot in the last few days. The trip to the McCurdy farm was as fun as always. The kiddos rode horses, chased the pigs, and fed the goats. Oddly enough, the bulk of their enjoyment was still found in the hay lofts above the barn.

City twerps?!?

The important point is that the kiddos did have a tremendous time. They are already talking about their next visit. Graham was as charming as ever. He delighted in telling everyone what he asked for from Santa. Frankly, it is tough for me to even mention. The boy doesn't want a car or a sword. He hasn't asked for any action figures or even a train.

He wants a flute.

Yes, you heard me. I said a flute. I just don't get it. How can a boy that comes from such hairy, manly and grunting stock want a flute? It just doesn't make sense. It doesn't compute. Regardless, he has been a very good boy this year so I am guessing that Santa will grant him his wish. Soon enough twinkle toes will be whistling in my ear. I imagine this means that I will have to start participating in some 12 step program. I tell you. He is lucky that he is one of my purpii because otherwise it would be a football and helmet without padding. None the less, I love my little Dudely - flute lover or not.

The trip home was pretty uneventful. I am continually amazed at how superbly the kiddos do in the car. It was a long drive but they seemed to take it in stride. In fact, it was probably only in the last hour that we lost one over the cuckoos nest. I am guessing that Ainsley had finally just had enough. She decided to finish off the trip by pestering flute boy. Before we knew it I had a full fledged uproarious giggle fest in the back seat. I could no longer hear the radio due to their outrageous laughter. While normally I probably would have asked them to keep their volume in check, we decided that they certainly deserved some craziness. The laughter was contagious and we all giggled our way home.

Well, I say we all giggled our way home but that is not completely true. Lynley was utterly miserable. She has some health issues of her own that she is battling and the trip home was a low light for her. She has had some ongoing issues that have had her running from one specialist to another. These issues were further complicated last week by a cold. On the way home this was further insulted by some pretty sever pain in her abdomen and back. Truth be told, I am pretty worried about her and the only reason that she is not in the hospital is because I don't make her health decisions. Regardless, she will be meeting with a specialist today and her GP tomorrow so I am hopeful that they will be able to get to the bottom of all of this. Somehow I doubt it but, none the less, I will keep my fingers crossed that she can find some relief.

Today I am back to business. It is that time of year and I am racing to raise as much neuroblastoma research funding as I possibly can. The economy seems to be drying up much of the corporate giving so it is becoming even more important to find people willing to donate their lunches to the cause. Funding is tighter than ever and I have to figure out how to raise $500,000.00 over the next few months or some very promising new therapies will not become available to our children this year, Furthermore, if I can't hit my marks I can pretty much guarantee that fewer children will be able to participate in many existing trials due to the tightening of budgets. It is an unfortunate reality and something that I need to figure out how to stop. It will be a busy holiday season.

Well, enough jabbering. I am off.

Purpose awaits!

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