Friday, November 21, 2008

A Gentle Response to Your Suggestions

So, after yesterday's post I received several messages and emails. All of which were suggestive of the same solution - another Dunganlet. In response to these suggestions I considered allowing a guest scribe (my blushing bride) to author my blog for the first time in the history of Dad's Diary. It did not take long before I realized there were not enough punctuation marks to cover up all of the expletives that were necessary for her to adequately express her feelings on this topic. Additionally I felt that her descriptive adjectives might possibly be too colorful for my otherwise family friendly literary atmosphere. So, in response to your wonderfully helpful suggestions, I have edited down a slim version of her response for your reading pleasure.


With loving purpose,

Your humble author.


Dylan Hartung said...

LMAO...I agree...Hell no!!!

Sally Johnstone said...

Enjoy these little people problems now. My almost 17 year old daughter is grounded for 3 weeks. I am driving her to and from high school. (yes I get punished too) She is a great girl but she is a late bloomer to becoming a teenager! My best friend told me that God made kids really stinky when they become teenagers so when they moved out of the house it would not hurt as bad. I am really believing this now! I enjoy all those stories you tell about the kids boy do they bring back memories! I couldn't agree with Lynley more!