Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Straight As

Yep, you heard me, report cards were delivered via email yesterday afternoon. Sydney received all As. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. Trust me, I knew she was pretty clever. I just didn't know for sure that anyone outside of our bloodline thought so. I fully admit it. I am a biased dad. I think my kids are the greatest. However, I also know that I have some very rose-shaded (and neuroblastoma-shaded) glasses. I never really know if what I am seeing is reality or just my conjured perception of the world. It is so nice when my feelings are confirmed by a third party. It just seems that much better - that much more real.

I should also say that I am pretty hardcore. I expect her to try her very hardest. In her case, I expect excellence. That is not an unrealistic expectation for her. She is capable of doing anything she wants in life. She is as stubborn and tenacious as her mother (don't tell Lynley I said that). I know, full well, that if she sets her mind to it their is nothing capable of standing in her way. This is also one of my biggest frustrations with her. You see, of all things, vocabulary is Sydney's weakest subject. Now, it isn't because she doesn't understand. It isn't because of some late effect of chemo that her vocabulary cortex (totally made up) has been degenerated. It is because she is a stubborn little twerp that hate, hate, hates practicing her vocabulary words. If she was 1/1000th as tenacious at her vocabulary as she was with obliterating me at bowling on the Wii I am quite sure she would be communicating solely in 4 and 5 syllable words.

None the less, I am pretty darn proud. Can you tell?

So, the last 2 major items of business are Ainsley's ear infection and Sydney's preliminary results from Houston. Yep, Ainsley has an ear infection. Like her sister she correctly self-diagnosed. Yesterday, we visited Dr. Debbie and she confirmed Ainsley's diagnosis. She is now on a healthy diet of antibiotics. We expect a full recovery by the time we scadoodle out of town this weekend.
Secondly, I heard from Dr. Louis from Texas Children's yesterday afternoon. The were able to continue to detect the EBV activated cells in Sydney - so, the previous findings were confirmed. They will be studying the marrows next. I will go into more detail tomorrow.

Well, I have to jet.

There is purpose all over the place today.

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