Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wow, we forgot we weren't just Mom and Dad

Good morning! Well, here we are. Day 3 in Alabama. It has truly been a relaxing time for the Dungan family of five. Lynley and I have even had the opportunity to have a date and visit the movie theater to watch a movie - a movie that was not animated. We watched Quantum of Solace. While it was good (that is our baseline definition of any Bond flick) it was not as good as the last. None the less, it was better than many we had seen before. Look at me. I am gushing. Well, that is what happens when you have an official date with your wife (and without the twerp brethren) to a big person movie. I don't want to make it sound like we made to Alabama just to dump the kiddos but we also got to go on an official grown up date to dinner last night. We went to Outback and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We had steak and alcohol and applied both liberally. Yep, we are like kids at a candy store. Can you feel the love in the air? Now, I don't want to make it sound like the twerplets have not had just as much fun as their adult counterparts. They have been to SciQuest and have had plenty of opportunities to show their stuff as well. In fact, I can tell you that there has not been a night that they have gone to bed anything but exhausted. They have also claimed Lynley's brother, Uncle Jay, as their own toy. He cannot enter the house without being enveloped by a gaggle of Dungans. When he is not at their command he can be found in front of the Wii. The Wii, by the way, has been quite the hit. Everyone has played and their always seems to be some sort of challenge going on.

Finally, there seems to be a case 0f stuffinoseatitis going through the family. With the exception of Sydney on Monday afternoon no one has seemed to slow down even a moment. Sydney did spike a fever but we have not seen hide nor hair of it since. However, the symptoms seem to have gone through all of us. Stuffy noses are universal in the morning and the coughs seem to be fairly constant. As I mentioned though, it has not seemed to slow anyone down for long. In fact, I have cherished the odd minute or so when the kiddos just wanted cuddle for a minute instead of running 24/7. Overall, our visit has been a nearly 100% success and I am looking for to another day of fun.

It is what purpose is all about.

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