Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drive By Pantsing

I am often very proud of my kiddos for their creativity. Then again, there are also days when I think - "Where did that come from?" And then, there are definitely those days when I know exactly where it came from. Yesterday was one of those days. I had to pickup the kiddos a little early from school due to a dentist appointment. Graham was out playing with his friends on the playground. He certainly seemed happy enough and he was indeed having a blast. When he saw me he flashed his signature smile in my direction. and bolted towards me. We met at his backpack which was laying on the floor. His first words were not, "Hi Dad!" They were, "I got a yellow sticker." I asked him what he did.

Apparently, Graham was on his way in from recess today when he was trying to get another little boys attention. It is interesting to note that this other little boy is much larger than Graham. The boy would not talk to Graham. So, in an act to get his attention Graham decided that it would be a good idea to pull the little boys pants down to his ankles.

Yep, you heard me. He pulled the boys pants down.

I asked Graham why he did it and he simply said "He wouldn't talk to me." The report from the teacher said "I had no idea why he did it." I, of course, told Graham what I bad choice this was. I gave him a mean daddy look and I let him know that he would be punished. I told him I was very disappointed in him and I did this all without cracking a smile. It is not that I want Graham to be pantsing other little boys I was just absolutely flabbergasted that he did it. I imagine if I was the father of the other boy I probably would not think it was nearly as funny as I honestly thought it was Wow, does that sound like something I would have done.

I think Sydney felt the same way. As soon as we gathered her from class, Graham told her of his yellow sticker and the incident. She scolded him pretty severely. She came from every angle. Honestly, I think she did a better job than I. As we got in the car Graham buckled in and Sydney came up and whispered in my ear - "Daddy, that is the funniest thing I have ever heard."

None the less, I don't think Graham will be pantsing anyone at school anymore. We took away his TV privileges, his ability to play outside, and we made him write "Pantsing is a bad choice." three times on a sheet of paper to take back to his teacher.

Like father like son. Like father like daughter. I see myself in this incident as both of them.

Thank goodness I found a purpose.


Christy said...

I would have had a laugh too! How funny that Sydney knew enough to whisper to you that she thought it was funny!

What will they come up with next?

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing I've ever heard.That just made my day...

Anonymous said...

Mark I just wanted to let you know Dr. L did Charlotte's surgery on Monday and it went so well. He claimed her to be cancer free. Thanks for all your help!