Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Awesome Insanity of Three

I am happy to report that every one's pants appeared to stay up yesterday. Their were no yellow stickers and no scoldings. Well, I can't say there were no scoldings but their were none related to pantsings or other schoolish misbehavior. I am embarrassed to admit it but there are plenty of scoldings that seem to go on in any given day in the Dungan household and the irony is that the majority of those scoldings come from one of the children tattling on the other. Graham and Ainsley are the worst but Sydney is certainly on angel either. I am just amazed at their dedication to getting the other one in trouble. The most shocking thing about this is that the tattler generally gets punished as well. Regardless, this ritual of eventual self abuse is running rampant in the brains of our little Dungan twerplets.

Why are siblings so mean to each other? Why do they fight so much? What can we do about it?

These are three questions that run through my head routinely. I just don't get their fighting. The good news is that this is in complete contradiction to their behavior when they are in groups of two. When my children are in groups of two they are the most loving, supportive, and protective family units you can imagine. It is a "love in" that will bring you to tears in admiration of what a fine job we have done raising such wonderfully compassionate, kind, and well-behaved kids. Add a third Dunganlet into the mix and you have concocted the most vile, hateful, and self-destructing unit imaginable. The mixture explodes almost as soon as it is constructed. It is like adding fire to dynamite.

Sure, you have seen pictures of them playing happily together on the tramplene or up in the trees. Okay, so I can admit that it does not seem to happen when they are playing outside. But, you stick them inside, then watch out. Explosions will occur. It seems that every 2 minutes I hear a scream and the pitter patter of little feet. The reporter is their to tell me what the other has done.

What do I do?

I punish them all. The official charge is "Not playing nicely together."

You would think this would work. They all got punished. Surely, they would not do it again.

2 minutes later - aaaaaaahhhh - pitter patter, pitter patter - "Daddy!".


Got any ideas?

I have plenty of purpose but no clue.


nbloveclub said...

The only way to neutralize the situation is to have another Dunganlet. Then you have two sets of two and if it doesn't bring peace at least it is a fair war.

connie villiers furze said...

I agree!!!!!!! I love the idea!!