Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As if I don't have enough to worry about

Okay, okay, okay already. So, here is the status. I would never contradict the female contingent in our house. I know better. All I am going to say is that Ainsley did not complain about her ear hurting all day. Furthermore, when asked if she had an ear "owie" she said "No!" (go figure, a two year old saying that!) Despite this apparent lack of ear infection-ness she was certainly out of sorts. It is clear that she is not up to par. She is whiny and cries a lot which is the complete antithesis of Ainsley. In the big scheme of things this is easy. We just have a sickly twerp. I can deal.

Sydney, on the other hand, is a bit of a different deal. She is collecting maladies like I am collecting grey hairs. Her latest oddity is an assemblage of bumps on her noggin. Lynley is pretty concerned about them and myself, less so. I will be blunt. Lynley thinks they are neuroblastoma. I think they are a very strange presentation to be neuroblastoma. I think they are more likely to be some kind of bite. Lynley will quickly point out that if they were bites why would she have 3 of them on her head and the other kiddos do not have any signs. My thought is because she is a twerp that is constantly rubbing her head on the dogs - don't ask. Yes, I guess I am making the inference that my daughter has fleas. Lynley does not feel any better. Anyway, there are 3 little bumps about an 1/8 (to a 1/4) of an inch in size that are placed on almost polar opposite sides of her head. One is just above her right ear. One is on the north pole of her head. The last is somewhere between her left ear and the top of her head. If she were a globe I would put it at about Seattle, Washington. To me, they all look the same but Lynley thinks the one in Seattle is a bit bigger. According to Sydney, it is the most painful of the 3. They only appear to hurt, however, when you press on them. Anyway, I am no expert on neuroblastoma metastasis on the skull but I would think that we would see a larger raised area and some differentiation in the sizes of the 3 spots. But who knows, every kiddo is different and it is not like we have ever seen skull mets on Sydney.

So, although cute, Sydney is quite the mess. She has a "growing" spot inside her arm, a loose adult tooth, and 3 bumps on her head. This goes without saying that she is covered in her usual garb of scratches, bruises, and abrasions. I am continually amazed by what she does to herself. Regardless it is plenty to think about and we really do not need anymore at this particular time. The good news is that we will see the dentist tomorrow afternoon. As for everything else, well, I think we have to sit and watch patiently.

Purpose is an entirely different thing when you live with the monster in the back of your mind.


Allison said...

I took a look at Amelia last night and she had at least nine bruises and two loose teeth. (fortunately not the permanent ones.) Last week she fell out of bed and knocked two teeth loose and split her lip. This is maybe the fifth time she has hit her mouth and loosened one of the four teeth that I spent thousands on three years ago. I get the bump thing too.

Anonymous said...

Could the bumps be a sign of mononucleosis? I had that as a child and presented itself as bumps on the skull and under the arm. I'm positive you know that you're covered in lymph nodes. She could have that?