Thursday, April 3, 2008

Twerp "stuff"

Good morning. This will be a very quick update. I am running late this morning. The good news is that there is no high drama to report. It was a typical day for the twerplets. I would love to say that they were all good and wonderful but you should know by now that there is nothing typical about that. Instead they were full of all of that "stuff" that makes them so special. What is that you ask? Well, for example, this "stuff" is what makes Graham not take a nap at school because he is far too giggly. It is the same "stuff" that has him sneak into one of his teacher's cabinets at school. But the "stuff" does not stop there. This "stuff" is pervasive. It is smart. It also tells him to be very quiet and not to answer when the teacher calls his name. It is this "stuff" that makes the entire school go frantically nuts looking for Graham. Now, the good news is that eventually they would find him but I would not be honest if I did not say that the "stuff" nearly prevailed.

This is the stuff of which purpose is made.

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