Thursday, May 1, 2008

Twofer of good news

We struck official ear infection. After a trip to see our dear Dr. Debbie the girls' diagnosis was confirmed. Ainsley has an ear infection in her left ear. She is now on Augmentin and, I am quite sure, well on our way to a cure (these curable diseases sure are fun) Regardless, I could not be happier. It looks like Ainsley's demanding moodiness and constant upset is less a sign of bad parenting and, in fact, completely attributable to the infection. She is sick physically, not mentally. Can't blame this one on me. I take special enjoyment from that because most things around the house can be blamed on me.

While at Dr. Debbie's I talked Dr. Debbie into settling our disagreement regarding the bumps on Sydney's head. She confirmed my diagnosis - bugs, not nasty neuroblastoma. I was pleased. This was a twofer of good news. I elected not to push my luck any further. I wanted to save the rest of my good news for Sydney's dentist appointment today to see if we could pull off a hat trick. I am not anticipating good news but I can certainly hope for it at least.

Dudely is doing superbly. In fact, he is on the couch with me now as I type. He and I are fighting for leg space on the middle pillow while he watches (of all things) SpongeBob. He is a big fan of Tivo. I asked him if he would like to add anything to my diary entry. He said no (with a smile). There you have it. I just don't know where the boy got his shyness. I think I will blame SpongeBob for sucking out his confidence.

Well, I had best be off. There is much to do and the rugrats are rustling.

Purpose plows on.

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Christy said...

Never so happy to hear that a child has bug bites! :-) Also happy to hear that Ainsley will be on her way to recovery with her ear. Good luck at the dentist!