Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Unclean Purpose

Good morning. Well I am happy to say that we finally have our scans scheduled for next week. On Monday we will have a MRI and a bone scan. On Thursday we will have our MIBG. It seems we still have plenty of time to get nervous before then. There is not a tremendous amount to report other than that. Yesterday was a perfectly normal and typical day - which, in my mind, is pure perfection. The kiddos went to school. Lynley and I went to work. Soon enough it was all over and time for us to rendezvous back at the house. The kiddos performed their usual stunts out in the backyard and we were eating dinner and ending the day. We did have a special treat after dinner. On occasion, after dinner we load up as a family and head out for a treat. Today it was ice cream.

Now the irony in all of this is that (a) we told him to be careful and (b) not to make a mess. This was Graham's version of not making a mess. You see, we stopped at the park to eat our ice cream because we didn't want to make a mess. We were driving in a rental car (Lynley's is being repaired) and we didn't want it to be completely destroyed. Ironically, you can not smoke or have pets in a rental car. The true irony is kids are far more destructive to a car's interior than either of those. They are mini disasters in a major way. There was little to clean him up with before we left to go back home in the car. This picture was after I had already used 4 napkins on the boy.

Isn't this what purpose is all about?

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