Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No worse than worse!

Good morning! Well, the news is in and, thankfully, it is exactly as described. Both the MRI and bone scan are noticeably worse but the area of concern appears to be limited to the site of the biopsy. In other words, something continues to be there. It appears to be worse but they are blaming it on the biopsy that we had in Houston. No other lesions where found and it does not appear to be growing rapidly, if at all. Additionally, we can now rule out infection from our list of possible causes. The biopsy was in the right spot and due to it the cortical bone was penetrated. The infection did not take off as we would have expected. So now we have pretty much ruled out both infection and injury. That leaves "malignancy" and "fluke" on our table of potential causes. Finally, if all goes well with the MIBG they are planning to change up our scanning schedule - every 6 months with a 3 month MRI bonus! I don't know if I am down with that, especially without a differential diagnosis, but I will worry about it when I need to - which is not right now.

Today Sydney has her injection for her MIBG scan. Unfortunately, the peripheral IV that she worked so hard to preserve, blew yesterday morning. For this reason, she will have to go through the process of having another IV placed again today. We know it is going to be tough for her but we are hoping that it goes more smoothly than two days before. Today we will let them use her right arm which has a much better track record of success. I really do not want to see a repeat of what we saw the last time.

Yesterday we really had two things to celebrate. While it was tremendous news to hear Sydney's scan results we can't go through the day without announcing a very important first for one of our other Dunganlets. It seems that Ainsley made it through her first entire day at school without a diaper. Yep, it was her first attempt to go to school with big girl underwear. Not only did she go to school in her green and pink polka dotted underwear and green jumper but she came home in the very same pink polka dots and green jumper. It seems that we have crossed a huge milestone in the Dungan Journey. Having spent my last 7 years with at least one child in diapers I really don't know what to say for myself. It seems so strangely foreign. What will I do with all of my spare time. Honestly, as much as I am proud and happy, I am also a bit sad. Our last baby is all grown up.

Well, I had best be off. There is much to be done. Hopefully, for both of my girls, it will be an uneventful day. I think I will say a little prayer.

A breath of purpose

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