Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our last hurdle

Good morning! Well today is the MIBG scan. In fact, I should technically be upstairs waking up kiddos to ensure that we get them to school early enough that we can get Sydney on the table at 8:00 AM sharp. I, of course, am hoping that we find absolutely nothing on the scan but I am also appropriately concerned. If this is disease, did we stir it up enough via the biopsy that it can now be detected? Is there now enough disease that it can be detected by MIBG? Yes, these are the questions that go through such a fragile mind. Regardless, I am worried as I should be. I will be hoping and praying for the best.

One of the things that I have not mentioned much as of yet is the 1st Annual Neuroblastoma Walk for a cure on Saturday, April 19th. The idea of this walk was started by a little girl that was friends with Michael Mancuso who lost his battle last year. Ironically, another friend of their family was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the end of last year. This little girl decided to have a walk to benefit the neuroblastoma program at Cook's. Although I generally shy away from supporting fundraisers that do not support research initiatives through the CNCF because I happen to believe that they utilize research dollars the most wisely and effectively, I do believe in this event and I think it is important for neuroblastoma. The important thing is that we are out there to support the families and the wonderful things that the oncologists are doing at Cook's for neuroblastoma. If you live in the Fort Worth/Dallas area I am asking you to come out and support the kids and the walk. It is important that we create as much awareness as possible. The $15.00 entry fee covers the cost of t-shirts and refreshments. I encourage you to get one but, even if you don't or you can't afford it, please come out and support the walk. Your precense will be tremendously appreciated. The walk will include many of the families and children that have neuroblastoma. Please take a few hours out and show your support. More information is available by clicking on the Neuroblastoma Walk badge on the top of the menu on the left hand side. Sydney, Graham, Ainsley and I all look forward to seeing you. Bring your friends and family and come support a tremendous and meaningful cause.

It will be a walk with purpose.

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