Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Diary Hiatus

Okay, okay! So it wasn't actually a real diary hiatus. We are in the process of moving the website to Blogger and it hasn't gone exactly perfectly. Couple that with a surprise root canal for me on Monday morning and you can just guess about how happy I was about all of this. Regardless, I have been put back together and I think we have got everything working for now. So what do I have to say for myself?

Well, first thing, I should tell you that all of the children survived the weekend - some of them even happily. Everyone made it through relatively healthy and unharmed. The only kind of shock that we received came on Saturday evening. We finally received the FISHing report for NMYC on Sydney's biopsy. After all of that work I can finally tell you this - INCONCLUSIVE. Technically this is neither good nor bad - simply annoying. It really does not mean a thing other than that they could not get any results from the sample. This is certainly better than an absolute "Yes it is disease" and only slightly more meaningful than a we could not find anything. Regardless, I will take it.

The big surprise that came yesterday was a front page article on the Lunch for Life Cookbooks in the Fort Worth section of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. I knew the story was coming but I just did not know when. Surprise, surprise. It was yesterday. The article was extremely well written and appeared to drive home the important points. I was very pleased to see the world "neuroblastoma" in caps. It was certainly there out in the open. One small step for the author, one huge step for pediatric cancer kind. It was awareness. Here is the article for your perusal.
http://www.star-telegram.com/local/story/553255.html. I am very thankful to Susan Tallant for writing such a great story. Thank you.

Well, I had best be off. It is time to play catch up to a lost day.

Purpose back in overdrive.

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