Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A birthday through young eyes

Well, well, well. Happy Birthday to me. Yep, the little Doogster is 37 years young today. Boy time flies when you are having fun. The kids are all very excited about my birthday. They have all been working on me. Each one has made a pitch to convince me to go to Jumping Party, Pump it Up, or Chucky Cheese for my birthday dinner. I hate to break it to them but it is going to be a bit of a let down. Daddy wants a steak for dinner and I don't think any of those places meet that specific need. However, after dinner, there will be ice cream involved - at least there is some hope.

Kids are great when it comes to birthdays. If you are an adult and you have not been around young children you are truly missing something special. Watching and sharing with them is, once again, a reminder of what is important in life. They absorb themselves in every detail and every one is very, very important. What kind of cake daddy - nila or chocolate? Mm Yum! Whats gonna be on your cake? Are you going to have a golf cake? What kind of decorations? Are you going to have American Idol plates? What kind of "pupcakes" are you going to take to work? You can't open your presents until dinner! Mommy got you Superman wrapping paper so you can have a Superman birthday.

As we grow up we begin to forget what important decisions all of these are. Our birthdays lose some of what makes them special. Face it, everyone deserves a special day at least once a year - even if you are an old curmudgeon like myself. I think we should all be required to get party hats, select a theme for our dinner plates, and pick the decorations that go on the "pupcakes" that we take to work. This is one time that we really should take the lead from our kiddos. Since when do birthdays have to just mean one year older? It is a celebration of life. That is what I am going with. I think I will listen. In fact, I think I just might have a golf cake. I just wonder if they make "Mythbuster" party hats. Regardless, if you are on your way to work stop by Starbucks, grab an espresso fudge brownie, and celebrate with me - it beats a pupcake any day!

I am always learning from my purpii.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Glad things are going well. The pictures of the kids are priceless, thanks for sharing. Continuing to pray for Sydney!

Maria Hofmann, mommy to Angel Nicholas

laulausmamma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mark. Have a wonderful day celebrating the wonderful and caring human being that is Mark Dungan.

Mom to Katie....23 year Neuroblastoma survivor

Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Mark! May your day and your year be filled with love, laughter, and purpose.

(quietly following Sydney's journey and reading your blog for several years now)