Wednesday, February 6, 2008

5:32 AM 2/6/2008

I guess I am just not cut out for being a member of a jury. I wonder if it is my brooding manhood or perhaps the intense glare illuminating my intelligence. No. Well I guess it is the fact that I have 3 kiddos under the age of 10 to take care of at 3:00 PM. I was in and out of jury duty in less than 30 minutes and most of that was spent waddling in the line to get through security. Now don't get me wrong. I don't want to shirk my constitutional right and duty. I just have bigger (or smaller) fish to fry. Regardless, I was really glad to get back to work and focus on many of the items that I had lying in wait. I am still waiting to truly process all of the information that I learned over the weekend. Truth be known, I have mountains of research to get through. It is literally 3 inches thick and every page will need to be read in detail. Just to give you a glimpse of the fun kind of reading this is - I am reading up on a new trial design called the "rolling 6", Dr. Cohn's new methodology for getting drugs into pediatrics, DHA (again!), Vitamin E and neurotoxicity (and ototoxicity), adaptive cell therapy, a new vaccine proposal, and several new drugs that are going to be coming out this year. This does not even begin to touch the surface on the things that I would like to be reading. Humph. I am a nerd.

Well, the kiddos survived the day but, just barely. For some reason Sydney came home with a green sticker. A green sticker is a sign of misbehavior. Looking closely at her notebook I could see that she had thrown a rock at someone. Well, Sydney said it was a bottle cap which is somehow supposed to make it better. Regardless she said she was "playing" with another child. I find it hard to believe that her teacher would give her a poor mark just for that. I will be stopping in before school to get a handle on what happened. Regardless, Sydney spent the entire night working. That is the punishment for not bringing home a blue sticker - an entire night in the Dungan salt mines. Well, that and hours of homework and reading. There is no playing and no fun allowed. It seems to have a pretty good affect. They get a good grasp on the entire weeks work and they remember (for a week at least) to be good and concientious in school. In all due fairness though, Sydney does not think it is such a fabulous system.

The great news is that all of the twerps appear to be on the mend and I finally got a good night of rest. I am ready to start the week all over again.

Purpose, let's go!

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