Monday, February 11, 2008

5:08 AM 2/11/2008

Good morning! Today begins scan week for Sydney. A bone scan is scheduled for today and then she will have a one day break back at school before we head back up to the hospital. We had a great weekend. (Well, right up until the end.) It all began on Friday night with a trip to dinner with the Robertson's. As you know, this is always a nervous time for me. The good news is that Truman has really grown up a lot and fears me appropriately. At this dinner there was no groping or inappropriate kissing. I was sufficiently pleased. We then made it back to our house where the kids played in the playroom while us big people engaged in some adult conversation and beverages. The kids had a great time chasing each other (and the animals) around the house.

The weather over the weekend was absolutely perfect. On Saturday both Sydney and Graham had birthday parties. Lynley was in charge of taking Sydney to a "girlie" birthday party and I took Graham to a "Pump it Up" party. Graham and 15 other 3 and 4 year olds went nuts for two hours happily bouncing, jumping, and sliding through the inflatable wonderland. This gave me a solid two hours to catch up on some very necessary research reading. I was definitely the nerd of the crowd. While the other parents chatted I had my nose in the books. I had some strange looks as I sat reading about reducing Vitamin E's neuroprotective effects. I was just glad that I had a yellow highlighter instead of a pink one. Regardless, Graham had a blast and would take a break every 10 or so minutes to come over to me so that I could take him to get a drink. Later that evening, Lynley and I would leave the kiddos with Jenny and have a real official night out.

Sunday was a bit different. Of course, with so much fun on Saturday Lynley found in necessary to send us back to the salt mines. I spent most of the morning working on my outside honey dos while the kids ran around in the backyard. The had a blast climbing trees and making secret hideouts in the bushes. All in all, I think we wore them out well. While waking from naptime was when it all changed. Ainsley woke up with a 102.6 degree fever. We immediately gave her some Tylenol and sat her back down on the couch. Within 30 minutes she had quite enough of that and decided to make her way outside. For some reason she figured that a good rousing jump on the trampoline was what was needed. Her temperature had disappeared and she was back and ready for action. The rest of the night she would act completely normal. She would not regain a temp or show any signs of slowing down. She did wake up at about 3:30 AM this morning complaining that she did not feel very well. She had a low grade fever but with a few huggy snuggles she was back on the road to recovery. Who knows what we will discover today. We may just have another at home during scan week. Only time will tell.

This week will be full of purpose for sure.

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