Thursday, February 14, 2008

10:54 AM 2/14/2008

We met with the radiologist this morning after the MIBG scan. The report is not yet official but I can tell you with a pretty high level of confidence that the MIBG scan was negative. They did not see a spot on her right arm. As I mentioned before, this is incredible news. This is no guarantee that she has not relapsed. For many reasons that I do not have time to go into right now, it could still very well be neuroblastoma. Bottom-line we no longer know how MIBG avid she is. Regardless, this is still wonderful news and a step in the right direction. Currently, we are in the preoperative waiting room and Sydney is watching TV. She is scheduled to go under anesthesia for her bone marrow aspiration and biopsy at 12:00 PM. We are continuing to hope and pray for the best. Hopefully, these bone marrows will continue to show no evidence of disease and keep us moving in the right direction.

Still with hope, purpose and perspective,

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