Friday, February 15, 2008

4:56 AM 2/15/2008

As you could tell from my last entry, yesterday went pretty well. The rest of our day pretty much rode on the euphoria of our earlier discovery of nothingness. Her bone marrow aspiration went well and was relatively uneventful. For some reason, outpatient surgery was packed. In fact, Sydney would wake up from anesthesia a full hour before they would have a bed available for her in step down. In fact, it would be another 30 minutes after that until we saw her. That of course did not make Lynley or I particularly happy. We had visions of Sydney calling for her Mommy and Daddy. It was bad enough for her but I can only imagine much worse for the younger children that were being held up or for the families that had not been through this 24 some odd times before. Regardless, we would eventually get to see her smiling face.

It was actually quite funny. She is following in her father's footsteps of being relatively obnoxious (in a cute way) after anesthesia. As we were waiting to be officially discharged, the little bugger kept trying to make an escape. Her mother and I were standing at both ends of the gurney and she would try to sneak around us to get down and make a beeline for the door. She was obviously having a blast. This round of anesthesia was pretty clearly a great trip. Eventually they would wheel her down to radiology where she would finally get an x-ray of the correct arm. We still don't know the results. So, I am assuming it was not life altering and a stress fracture was not clearly evident.

The other piece of good news that would come from the day is that they would leave Sydney's IV in her arm. Potentially, if it survives the night and day, it will save her a fourth poke this week which we are all in favor of. The less exciting news of the day is that the want us to beep her NPO (no food or drink) all day today just in case they have to sedate her. I have tried to explain to them that I had a high level of confidence that she could make it through the entire scan without anesthesia based on her past performance but they would have nothing to do with it. What do I know? They want her to be ready for anesthesia. This has Lynley in a bit of a funk and she is feeling pretty defiant. It would not doubt me that she feeds Sydney a five course meal this morning.

So, what does all of this mean? Why a spot on the bone scan and not on the MIBG. Well, the big question of the day has to be, is Sydney still MIBG avid. This debate has gone on for well over 3 years. The fact is that we don't know. If you believe that she relapsed in the tibia 3 and a half years ago you would have to assume that she is no longer MIBG avid because the spot never showed up on the scan. However, if you are inclined to believe that she never relapsed in the first place then you have to assume that she is probably still MIBG avid. If that is the case, then this finding on MIBG (or lack there of) would be a pretty good indication that this is not neuroblastoma. It is still a 50/50 deal and an unknown but, oh so much better than a confirmation of our worst fears. In fact it is possible that we might get through all of this scanning with no clear answer. I am hopeful that the MRI will show a stress fracture or something clearly not neuroblastoma but that is a pretty long shot. Hopefully this morning we will get a report on the marrows. I imagine it will be next week before we here back on the bone biopsy.

Regardless, I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It has been a huge lift throughout this week. Sydney seems to be handling this all very well - probably better than the rest of us. She has tolerated the hectic schedule well and even commented on yesterday as being a fantastic day. You know, she is right. Perspective is everything.

So are my purpii.

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