Wednesday, February 27, 2008

4:55 AM 2/27/2008

No news is supposed to be good news. At least that is what Dr. Granger told me. I, on the other hand, think of no news as being just that - no news. It is neither good news or bad news. It is just plain terrifying. Regardless, today I think we will hear back on something. Dr. Eames knows that I am going out of town on Thursday for the NANT meeting so I am pretty sure that we will get a call at some point in the day. I would also assume that disease must not be flooding from her marrows. If that were the case, I am quite sure that we would be inpatient by now. Of course, this is all speculation. I truly understand doctors feeling the need to get all of the facts before the share the news but it just drives me nuts. I don't only care about the big picture. I also care about the little parts. The problem is that I am not getting any of the parts so my obsessive compulsive brain goes into overdrive. I begin to wonder what they don't understand and I begin to obsess on why they haven't called. What did they find? Why are the waiting to tell me? I know they have the answers. I need to know too. Okay, I am done.

Sometimes purpose is enough to make you go stir crazy.

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