Thursday, February 21, 2008

12:35 PM 2/21/2008

Okay, brief update here. Dr. Eames is apparently a much harder sell than Lynley or I. She is not ready to call this a relapse. Stubborn oncologist, but you have to love her. She certainly has Sydney's best interest at heart. She clearly does not believe in the definitiveness of Dr. Gillespie's call on the MRI. She is in search of more truth. In the meantime everything is moving along at a rapid clip. We are at the hospital now drinking contrast waiting for our turn at a full body CT scan. I am guessing that it will be nearly 4:00 PM before we are out of here and Sydney has a birthday party almost immediately after that. For this scan we are praying that they find no further lesions or soft tissue anomalies. This is a biggy. I would ask that this scan would provide more clarity regarding the radius but I know that is probably not a possibility. We are just ensuring that there is no soft tissue disease. If you have a chance, prayers are still welcome.

I will write as I get a chance.

Right now , I am back to my purpose.

With hope,

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