Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zip - I am gone.

Well, we have sped into the week. Now, that I have started on this contract that requires my presence on sight during business hours it seems like everything has been moved into fast forward. Then again, it might just be this time of year.

Yesterday was a 9 hour day at the office which, in and of itself, is not that abnormal or that big of a deal. The problem was that I spent an additional 3.5 hours on the front end of that day working on the neuroblastoma walk. Then, I spent an additional hour and a half later in the day participating in a web conference on oncolytic viruses. If that was not enough, I capped it all off with another hour and a half NANT Advisory Council meeting later in the evening. In all, it was only a 15 hour day, The problem is that it seems like just about every day is strung together in this manner. Combine that with Tae Kwon Do, cooking breakfast and dinner, and trying to help the kids with homework and it becomes clear why it seems like life is stuck in fast forward.

It does not stop there. This week I have to finish up an online event registration system for the Neuroblastoma Walk, finish up a presentation for the upcoming NANT meeting, get out another mountainous order of Lunch for a Cure cookbooks and somehow keep my brains wrapped around being a business intelligence expert at the office. Yep, all of that, while trying to maintain my status as the best Dad in the entire World - it takes quite a bit of effort to keep the kiddos snowed over with that one.

It sure seems that, for someone that is an expert in business intelligence, I certainly would have found a way to be less busy.

Well, another day in the life...

It is all important.

Family first. Keep food on the table. Fight for kids with neuroblastoma.

That's my purpose.

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