Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twerplet Overcharging

Well, I have officially returned home from Illinois. It was great to see Grammie again, even if our trip was too short. It was also good to see her in good spirits. I know she has good and bad days but I was given the gift of seeing her on a particularly good day. My time spent with her was so good one could not leave without a glimmer of hope that she could fully recover.

Thankfully, the drive back was uneventful. My mother and I had a rare opportunity for an extended talk. While we talk fairly often it is always short-lived and in concert with normal twerplet chaos. Rarely do we speak for more than a few minutes without our attention being averted by a kiddo hanging off of the roof or setting off small explosions in the back yard. It was a nice trip. It has been a long time since mother and son had just chatted.

It was only 12 hours after that Lynley threw the children at me.

"Here, they're yours!"

By the time I returned home it was quite clear that she had reached her limit. I was glad to come home and not find her duct taped to the ceiling or velcroed to the wall but it was clear that it had been a hard fought fight. In the end, I think the major difficulty for Lynley was that she had not plan anything to thoroughly wear them out. She had anticipated a nice quiet and relaxing 3 day weekend around the house with her loving children but must've forgotten what can happen to the bless-ed angels without rigorous activity.

You see, with our kiddos, you have to wear them out. If you don't drain them down, they just soak up energy. I have no idea where they get it. I think they get it through osmosis or by sucking it through the television set but, if you don't break up all of the relaxation with rigorous activity, their little batteries overcharge and that is when the chaos will reign. If you look closely, you can even see little sparks shooting from theirs ears. At that point, all you can do is duck.

Oddly enough, these are also the times that Lynley starts referring to them as "your children" when speaking with me.

Now, don't get me wrong. Lynley is a loving, dedicated, and gifted mother. And, if I am being honest, is more adept at putting up with their chaos when they are "over charged" than I. She can maintain some semblance of calm and peace.

Not me, I quickly revert to their level.

Regardless, she did superbly and deserved a much needed break.

I was just glad that for once she couldn't blame me for instigating it.

In the end, all have recovered. Now it is time to get back into purpose.

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