Friday, January 28, 2011

The first domino

Good morning! It is already Friday and time to get our game faces on. Both Graham and Sydney had private lessons yesterday in preparation for their upcoming AAU Southwest District Qualifier this weekend. This is their first tournament of the season and the first major qualifier of the year. While the kiddos have been practicing as hard as ever they have had a relatively light season as far as tournaments have gone. Furthermore, this qualifier is much earlier in the season.

Will they be ready to compete at a high level?

Last year both Sydney and Graham qualified at this tournament. Graham received a pair gold medals and, if memory serves, Sydney received a silver and a gold. However, last year they were tournament seasoned. This was one of the last tournaments of the season and they were riding a freight train of sparring momentum. Last year this was just another domino to fall.

This year it is the very first domino.

There is no doubt that the kids have enough experience. Both are far better than they were last year. They are both smarter and faster. I think the only thing that stands in their way is dealing with their nerves in the very first major tournament of the year. This tournament is much less a battle against the world and much more a battle against themselves.

It is this type of challenge that is the very reason that we put them in Tae Kwon Do in the first place.

They have got the skills. Can they deal with the pressure? Can they keep the eye on the prize?

This purpose is all about developing purpose.

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