Friday, January 14, 2011

My awesome manliness prevails

Good morning! Well, I am off. First thing tomorrow morning I am heading off to Illinois to visit Grammie and to complete her move into the nursing home. We had held out hope for a long time that she would be able to return home but it seems as though her recovery hit a plateau. Unfortunately, she just never made it back to the point that she could do all of the things necessary to live on her own. I am sad for her because I realize the great loss of freedom that I know she feels but, I must admit, I am somewhat thankful for her safety.

So, for better or worse, I am being called to Illinois to be the muscle. We need to get her completely moved out of her house. I think that is pretty cool. Here I am pushing 40 and I am still being called in to be "the muscle." Either everyone up there has an altered perception of my manhood or I still have it. Clearly be "buffness" prevails. It looks like I can put off that midlife crisis for another few years. I've still got it. I knew all of that Insanity and P90X would pay off.

I will be gone for a few days. This leaves Lynley with a handful. While I know she can handle it completely, I also know that she will be greatly outnumbered. The kiddos are older now and they are much more skilled in the martial arts.

How will I find my wife when I get back home? Will she be brain washed? Will she be sitting, huddling in a corner of the closet? Will she be tied up and duct taped to the ceiling?

No, of course not. This is Lynley we are talking about. If anything I expect the kiddos to be even better behaved.

After all, they won't have me around egging them on.

Wow, I hope Lynley doesn't realize what a pain in the a-- I am while I am gone. I hope she doesn't figure out that it is really me that instigates the kiddos. She won't discover that I am the problem, will she?

Nah, I am sure that won't be an issue. Surely, she is too enamored by my awesome buffness and clear youthful manliness to notice that.

I will however, surely miss all of my purpii.

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