Monday, January 24, 2011

Extreme Makeover - Dungan Style

My body hurts. Just when our family thought that everything was too busy and we needed a break, we took it to the next level. We spent most of our weekend helping a friend out by tearing down walls, building new ones, and painting. It turns out that one of our friends needed some help to get a new space ready. So, we loaded the family urban assault vehicle up with hammers, nails, saws and painting supplies and spent a large part of the weekend working away.

Boy what a mean Daddy I am! Just after I wrote this heartfelt entry on working them too hard in Tae Kwon Do, I load them up with some manual labor. Well, get this! We must be doing something right because they wanted to go and help. In fact, they took the place by storm. As we tore down walls they helped take the debris out. Then, when all of the heavy stuff had been carried out they picked up a broom and started sweeping up all of the small stuff.

Hold on.

Wait for it.

Yep, they did this all without being asked. The only thing we did was open the car door. The twerplets unleashed a frenzy of hard work all on their very own. I could not have been prouder. It did not stop there. The next day was full of painting and putting up new walls. Graham helped me cut much of the wood by hand (no electricity yet) . Sydney and Ainsley got busy with Lynley painting the walls and removing years of grime from the front windows.

Yep, it was extreme makeover - Dungan style.

It will not come as a big surprise to you that Ainsley ended up with more paint on her than on the walls. I am sure the white primer in her hair will bring a whole new dimension to her school uniform. The important thing is that we had fun and we even got to help a friend out at the same time.

Although I am sore, it was somehow an incredibly relaxing weekend. Go figure.

Purpose always seems to pay you back.

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