Monday, January 10, 2011

An afternoon of unrealized dreams

I miss being young and nothing made that more evident than this weekend. It was supposed to snow. In fact, the weatherperson was predicting 1 to 3 inches of the white stuff. If I am being honest, I didn't really care. Oh sure, it was an opportunity to make a fire in the fireplace and perhaps even throw a few snowballs at the kids.

(By the way, I cheat. If the kiddos are in the front yard, I make snowballs in the back and then carry them through the house. I then either crack the front door to throw them at them or launch them from one of the upstairs windows.)

But other than that, I also know that snow comes with an unending barrage of chores. It means a constant cycle of clothes going through the dryer, mopping up puddles of melted snowballs on the hardwood floors, and dealing with constant complaints of who hit who with a snow ball.

Boy, the more, I talk the more I sound like that grumpy Dad from "A Christmas Story." You know, honestly, the older I get the more I feel like him. Regardless, these are the things that muddle my mind and clunk around it when I think snow.

The kiddos, though. Oh, they are so different. Not once did they consider the impact of snowy boots on the floors or the fact that I would be spending the afternoon cycling their clothes through the dryer. No, they were consumed with plans to create the World's Largest Snow Twerp and an igloo that they could live in. They thought about how much fun it would to be to watch the kitten hop around the snow and whether they could figure out how to turn their Razors (scooters) into some kind of stand up sled. They spent all morning dreaming and planning of what, in just a few short hours, could be.

If you ask me, it sounds a lot more fun to think about all of the things that they thought about.

Ah, to be young again. I was so jealous of their cavalier attitudes. I was envious of their dreams.

When did I turn into such and old fart?

In the end, we had about an hours worth of snow. None of it stuck. Outside of a few puddles from the rain, there wasn't even anything to clean up.

They were devastated. All of their hopes and aspirations were dashed.

I got out of doing more laundry.

Thank goodness I have purpose to excite me or I would be worthless.

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