Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sydney's Spanish Inquisition

After my post on Tuesday you may be wondering if I ever made it off the couch.

No. I am still here.

Both Lynley and I are in severe old people pain and the only thing keeping us moving is the fact that we can laugh at our own decrepitness together. The good news is that I expect the soreness to start clearing today. Our bodies are adjusting and while we are still not hard bodies we are at least starting to feel like we have human bodies again.

As always, it has been a busy week. It is only Thursday and we have already had 4 Tae Kwon Do practices in an effort to prepare the kiddos for their belt test tonight. That means at least an hour of belt testing tonight followed by another hour and a half of practice. What do you think? Have we gotten the kids a little over committed in Tae Kwon Do?

It is alot but, for the time being, the kids seem to be enjoying it.

Today will be an interesting day at school. This morning we will be meeting with Sydney's Spanish teacher after a less than glowing progress report. Sydney is an interesting challenge when it comes to Spanish. Here we have a straight A student that regularly gets accolades for her hard work and behavior. Yet, for as long as she has taken Spanish, she has always had problems. She continues to make good grades but she has participation problems in Spanish and it seems that, no matter who the teacher is, there always seems to be an issue.

It amazes me that we receive such diametrically opposed reviews of her performance between Spanish and her other classes. It makes me wonder. What is the cause? Like I said, she has had multiple teachers so it is not likely a personnel issue. Is it Spanish? She say she finds the class uninteresting and boring but it certainly is not from her overwhelming abilities in Spanish. Given the fact that she pretty much refuses to participate, I am wondering if this may be a hearing issue or an embarrassment issue. I really don't know. I am in the dark here. I am hopeful that we may get some insight after meeting with her teacher this morning.

Our meeting with Sydney's Spanish teacher will be quickly followed by a field trip to the Dallas Aquarium with Ainsley. Last year Lynley went with Graham and this year I get to go with Ainsley. I am somewhat excited. Will I get to see Ainsley's alter ego? Will I get to see the blue sticker bandit in action? Will I even recognize her?

It ought to be very interesting. The field trip will take up the bulk of the day and I am guessing that my only time in the office will be the time spent before I started writing in my diary.

So, I must get going, the day is packed full of purpose.

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