Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Duck and Cover

Big excitement around the Dungan household yesterday, Hermine came ashore along the gulf and decided to make its way up I-35 and straight into Fort Worth. Although we are well off the coast, Hermine has dumped a little over five inches of rain at our house. That is a lot, especially considering the fact that we have another day to go. It even gave the kiddos a scare as a tornado warning was issued at the school. All of the kiddos were placed into safe areas within the school and given the command to "duck and cover." This was the reason:

The tornado appeared not to far from the kiddos over Benbrook lake. The poor kids stayed in the duck and cover position for about 20 minutes. It made for some great stories.

Unfortunately that quickly turned into debate. On the way home the kiddos got into an argument as to who had the best duck and cover technique. Ainsley absolutely demanded that she was the best "duck and coverer" and decided to give everyone a tutorial - whether they needed one or not. That just fueled the storm. In the end, the only way to solve the bickering was to finish it off with the quiet game. Thankfully, that brought peace for about 2 minutes until Sydney coughed and they got into an argument as to who was the expert on the rules of the quiet game and whether or not a cough counted.

Yep, the hurricane brought some turbulence yesterday afternoon - both inside and outside the car. I, however, followed proper procedure.

I decided to duck and cover.

I have come to find that the kiddos are kind of like the weather. For the most part they are sunny and pleasant. On occasion they can be gloomy. Yesterday afternoon, they were tornadic.

Here is to hoping for a milder day. I am looking for some better weather - both inside and outside.

I am looking for a sunny day of purpose.

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Anonymous said...

Nehir ( our angel ) dead 4 days ago because of NB :( ( neuroblastoma . . I'm really sorry about that little angel girl. Today is her first night without her parents in cemetery:(:((((( I m just crying and praying for the family .