Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammie!

Today is my Grammie's (the twerplets Great Grandmother) birthday. While I am still unclear on whether you are ever able to say a woman's age in today's day and age, I think I will stay clear of getting myself in trouble. Let's just say that today's birthday is a pretty neat milestone. Grammie has been in town for the better part of a week and we have had a great time seeing as much of her as we can. With trips to pick them up from school, a trip for an ice cream cone after-wards and an hour two of fun with her over at DeeDee's house, it is about as much as I am guessing anyone can stand.

Today will be busy. I hope to have breakfast with Grammie but I also have a date to talk to Ainsley's class. If my schedule works out just right, I should be able to fit it all in. This evening will be the official birthday party and the kiddos could not be more excited. To this day, it is something I sure miss - birthday excitement. To Sydney, Ainsley, and Graham it is about as big of an occasion as one could imagine, rivaling Christmas and Easter. I wish we adults still felt that way. It is true. We all need a day to celebrate who we are.

I know, I know, probably never going to happen.

In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy birthdays through their eyes.

Well I had best be off. There is a lot of purpose in store for me today.

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Unknown said...

May Grammie have many more years of good health. God Bless her.