Friday, September 17, 2010

Pulling an Ainsley

Well, I finally got the official word from the doctor. It turns out that Grammie pulled an Ainsley - she cracked her head open. For better or worse, she is not quiet as hard headed as Little Miss A and actually broke her skull and ended up with an extended stay in the hospital. Apparently there is also some bruising on the brain. The good news is that repeat scans have shown that the bruising does not appear to be getting any worse. She is alert and awake and apparently on the mend. The doctors expect her to recover and she should be out of the hospital in 3 to 5 days assuming everything continues to go well. She is still experiencing some unsteadiness but she is working with physical therapists to deal with some of those issues. We should know more over the next few days as they watch her progress.

I will be back in touch with the doctor and social worker today to get an update. Lynley and I are discussing the possibility of heading up to Illinois to see if we can help her out a bit. We will see how things go.

On another note today is another busy neuroblastoma day. I am in the process of reviewing another 15 neuroblastoma research proposals which I anticipate will take me through the better part of another day and the weekend. At lunch I will be attending a Hematology-Oncology Grand Rounds at Cook's covering some interesting neuroblastoma research on lipoproteins. All in all it will make for a pretty enjoyable day. I hope I can say the same for Grammie.

Purpose moves on.

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