Monday, September 20, 2010

A football moment

Good morning! As everyone would expect it was another jam packed weekend for the Dungan's. While Friday was a calm and relaxing evening spent snacking on pizza and popcorn in our home theater (this is the fancy term we use to describe our living room when we close the shutters and watch a movie), it was the beginning of a rather busy weekend.

Life was especially hard for me. I had to get up at 6:00 AM (yes, I got to sleep in) to get ready to play in the Sonny Singh Open, a charity golf tournament to fund a scholarship at the Health Science Center. It is a tournament that I play in annually. Once again, I had to be on my best behavior as I was playing with the school's provost who also happens to oversee Lynley's department at the school. You may remember last year that I played with the Dr. Ransom, the president of the school, and was forced to play for her job after giving him a hard time. Of course, once he realized I was Lynley's husband, her jobs was never really in jeopardy. In his words, "Lynley was too valuable." However, also in his words, "her husband was not." Thankfully, I was able to keep my game together and we won the tournament. This year was a repeat performance. We won (and for a change, for the most part I kept my mouth shut.) We were able top take home the coveted green sock. You know, the Master's has the green jacket, well, the Sonny Singh Open has the green sock and we now have a pair.

After the tournament I caught back up with the family who had spent the morning at Tae Kwon Do and eating lunch with the team. The kiddos immediately gravitated towards my goodie bag and had carefully pieced it out amongst themselves before I had the opportunity to fully make it through the door. Later that evening the kiddos attended Ninja night GSX and Lynley and I had a big date on the town - that mean a few drinks, a sandwich, and some live music at the Love Shack.

Sunday was back to all business. I still had some neuroblastoma research proposals to review and we had a mountain of chores to muddle our way through. However, with all of that being said I did find time to watch the Cowboys game. It was a huge day for me. Although the Cowboys were relatively painful to watch my son took an interest in the game. This was a huge step for a dad. We even tossed the ball around during commercials. What started off as a nerf football toss across the living room (don't tell Lynley) graduated to some real genuine catch in the front yard with a pigskin. Not only was I tossing back and forth a real football with my son but he was actually catching it and throwing it with some skill.

This was a first. While it was not the first time he and I played catch it was the first time he seemed to truly enjoy it. It was a proud moment and one that I will cherish forever. It was worthy of a closet full of green socks.

Dad, boy, football. It does not get much better.

It refueled my purpose.

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