Monday, September 13, 2010

I have got to stop demonstrating my usefulness

Good morning! It seems we have survived yet another weekend. On my behalf, I am ecstatic to tell you that I have completed the transformation of the foyer and upstairs landing. The walls are now a beautiful shade of tannish-green. I am sure there is a sophisticated and flowery official name for the color but, I can assure you, in "man" lingo it is simply "tannish-green." It feels great to finish a project, especially one that included the building of scaffolding, but I know I should have just drawn the project out. By showing a willingness to work and an effectiveness of getting the job done, I have only demonstrated my usefulness to the female of the species. I can already see the wheels turning.

Lynley is plotting.

In my noble effort to improve the quality of my family's shelter, I have only screwed myself.

Not to worry though, although the demise of my unencumbered free time is on the horizon, the kiddos seem to be doing just fine. Saturday was busy for the twerps. Busy in twerplet terms is a bit different that busy in man terms. While I was busy building and grunting they were busy with Tae Kwon Do and playing over at a friend's house. After practice and lunch at the Love Shack the kidlets were invited over to Rachel and Ryan's (two of the newest members on team) where they spent the afternoon in a kiddo backyard mecca - plush with a tree house which included a secret bush entrance, a bow and arrow target range, climbing wall, and just about anything else a childhood brain could dream up for a kid cool backyard.

This, by the way, had the unfortunate effect of sparking my kiddos interest who also noticed my manly effectiveness and began preparing a list of "Dad-do-its" to renovate their backyard amusement park. For some reason the 2 story playhouse (with rock climbing entrance, swings, and slide) that they play on about 5 times per year was no longer sufficient. Apparently they now need me to construct a tree house to be sufficiently happy. They also neglected to remember that they have both a trampoline and pool which is apparently no longer that big of a deal when you want a tree house and you know your Dad can build it.

In all actuality though. this may not be that bad. If I can get the wife-folk and the kid-folk fighting over my time, maybe it will buy me a few hours to watch some football. It is possible. I sure hope the Cowboys start playing better (which may be less possible) or I might not need the diversion.

On another note, Sydney had a huge headache yesterday afternoon. It was so bad she eventually vomited. The good news is that, after spewing, she felt much better. I had really hoped we would be out of the headaches by now. From a neuroblastoma perspective they still scare me. I was hoping that we had dealt with them by over drugging her sinuses over the last month. While they have truly been fewer and farther between, I would feel much better if they were simply gone for good.

Well enough about my paranoia. Le's just hope her headaches stay away for awhile.

That is one piece of purpose I would prefer to not have on my plate.

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