Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A not so gentle reminder.

The Neuroblastoma Walk is this Saturday, April 3rd, 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas. If you have not already registered please do so now. You can register on the website at

I have said it over and over but this is one of those important fundraisers. It is direct impact. You participate in the walk and lives are saved. It is that simple.

People are always asking me what they can do. Well, this is it. One of the biggest challenges we have in neuroblastoma is access to potentially life saving trials. Access to these therapies is often restricted by both dollars and availability, especially in neuroblastoma. As of this date, in the US we are only capable of delivering MIBG therapy to about 5 patients per month. This means that if the spaces are full you may not receive this promising therapy or when you do receive it, it may not be in time. By supporting the walk you are helping to ensure that more spaces are available for therapy. It means that every month another child has a shot to survive.

In this sense, participating in the walk will prolong and save children's lives.

You don't get any more direct than that.

If that isn't incentive enough, the entire Dungan Clan will be there in tow. With all that has been going on with neuroblastoma lately I haven't had much opportunity to give an adequate report on the twerplets. So, if finding out how they are doing is your motivating factor for reading my diary this is a perfect opportunity to find out in person.

Did Sydney get straight As in school again? How about Graham? Is Ainsley dating the entire Pre-K class? Has she gotten in trouble for kissing all of the boys? Is she sneaking off and hiding with them in the stairwell? Are all of Sydney's headaches caused by neuroblastoma or is their something far less sinister going on?

Yep, all of these answers await and, if you can make it out to the walk, you can find out the answers first hand.

I know, I know - cheap shots. I played on your sympathy for children with cancer and if that did not work I even withheld info about my kiddos just to get you to support the neuroblastoma walk.

Bad, bad me.

But, it should also tell you how important this walk is and how much I believe in it.

Please come out and support the walk. If you can't make it, you can even make a small donation on the website. Anything will help and, I promise, it will make a difference.

With hope and purpose - Mark, the neuroblastoma blackmailer

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