Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sydney Surgery Today.

Good morning! Well, believe it or not, Sydney is going in for surgery today.

Whooooa. Where did that come from?

Relax. This is not neuroblastoma related. However, the story behind this surgery is pretty interesting.

You see, last Friday morning was going along just as any other. The kiddos woke up, they got dressed, and they made their way down stairs for breakfast. As usual, I made them a gourmet breakfast of a banana, some cereal, and some scrambled eggs. As they ate, Lynley and I went through the hustle and bustle of getting their backpacks packed, ushering out their meds, and ensuring all of their homework was checked.

See nothing special here.

However, as Lynley was brushing out Sydney's hair all of the normalcy would disappear and the next sequence of events would lead us to where we are today - surgery.

You see, as Lynley brushed out Sydney's hair she apparently knocked off the diamond from one of her earrings. As any loving mother would do, she apologized and began to remove the broken earring from Sydney's ear. However, there was a problem, Sydney's ear was infected. (This is apparently what happens when you let an 8 year old get earrings and aren't religious about ensuring that she disinfects her new holes properly.) Regardless, her ear was infected and, unfortunately, the "infection juice" (yum) had crusted over the earring clutch making it nearly impossible to remove. Somehow, in the effort to remove Sydney's earring, half of the post and the setting (minus the diamond) disappeared inside her ear. In other words, in an effort to remove the clutch Lynley accidentally pulled the front part of the earring into Sydney's ear.

After some fiddling and a trip to see Dr. Debbie it was decided that it would have to be removed surgically but only after we got her under some antibiotics to deal with the infection.

For those of you putting two and two together. Yes, Sydney fought in the State Taekwondo Championships with an infected ear and a metal post sticking out the back of her ear.

She is a tough chick - just like her mother.

So, the good news is that it turns out that the infection has cleared up rather nicely. The bad news is that she is still going to have to undergo surgery to remove the post. That little treat comes today at 3:00 PM when she meets with Dr. Black to have it removed. I am assuming a little Novacane, a small incision, a slight pull, and a stitch ought to do the trick.

On other medical fronts, I have received the reports from the labs from my little episode. It turns out that everything looks good with the exception of my cholesterol. I was given the option to go on medication or to address it with diet and exercise. I am a big believer in avoiding chronic drug use if possible so I have opted for buffness. I have been given 3 months to get it under control. I am charged with losing 20 pounds and getting my eating habits under control. Dang, it is time to grow up.

On another medical note, don't laugh at me when you see me. Yes, one of my cheeks has swollen to twice the size of other. It turns out that the root canal that I had about 9 months ago has failed and I get to have a lucky trip to the endodontist on the 29th to be re-rooted. Oh joy. This is just perfect timing. This weekend I am due to make a presentation at the New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy meeting and I am going to look like half a chipmunk. That is, however, much better than not having the opportunity and privilege of speaking at the meeting at all.

As you can see there is purpose, purpose everywhere.

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