Monday, March 8, 2010

Twerps in Wonderland

Good morning! We have survived another weekend with the twerplets. That is saying quite a bit considering the fact it rained all day yesterday. This meant we spent pretty much the entire day inside. That is too small of a space for 3 wild rug rats. So, we decided to break up some of the couped up chaos with a trip to see Alice in Wonderland in 3d.

Surprisingly, at 11:00 AM (20 minutes before the movie was set to begin) the theater was already jam packed leaving the only space where we could sit next to each other in the very front row of the theater. We were debating leaving when we were told by one of the waitresses that it was the best place in the theater to see the 3d. We decided to give it a shot.

I know, we are suckers...

Viewing the screen during the previews was almost sickening. There is something about seeing that much action, that close that was enough to just about send us in to convulsions. However, after they asked us to put on the 3d glasses the issue seemed to melt away. Outside of a little pain in the neck from looking up, the experience was actually pretty good. I can't speak for the effects behind us but I can tell you that the 3D experience that we enjoyed was exceptional. However, given a choice, I think the next time I will go back to sitting in the center of the theater.

So, in the end, we enjoyed the movie. The movie itself wasn't exceptional but it was entertaining. I can definitely suggest seeing this in a 3d theater. I don't know that I would have enjoyed it nearly as much without the 3d. The kiddos enjoyed it as well. Sydney and Graham both gave it a good rating. It was their "middle" favorite - whatever that means. Oddly enough Ainsley stated that she liked it a little bit and did not like it a lot. That was a typical Dungan female statement if I ever heard one and, like the others, I have no clue what it means. She seemed content to sit and watch the entire movie, only wanting to hop in Lynley's lap during the last 15 minutes or so. I give that a four year old sitting still rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The great news was that the movie seemed to placate the little monsters. They spent a relaxing afternoon doing crafts in the kitchen while Lynley and I went about our chores. Graham and I would cap off the end of the afternoon by conquering a few levels in Wii Lego Star Wars.

That relaxation was all good as we have a busy week ahead. This is the last week before spring break so you can bet that both Lynley and I have to a lot to get done in preparation of a week of juggling kiddos. Sydney and Graham are jam packed with Tae Kwon Do practices this week in preparation for the Texas State Taekwondo Championship this weekend. They will have multiple practices on Monday and Wednesday and even a few private lessons thrown in for good measure. On Thursday they will rest in preparation for their weigh-ins on Friday night in Frisco (about an hour away). This week will also bring a 2nd grade fossil hunt field trip for Sydney on Wednesday as well as their usual litany of homework and parental abuse.

It well be a well deserved spring break for them.

Well I had best be off. As you can tell, plenty of purpose awaits.

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