Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A hop in my step.

Good morning, good morning, good morning! Why so chipper you wonder? Could it be the root canal I had yesterday? Nope, not even that. Could it be the 5 pounds I have lost doing Insanity (exercise program) over the last two weeks? Could it be the fact that I have changed my diet since my little heart "episode" and I have more energy?

I don't know.

It certainly was not my trip to the endodontist yesterday. I had a root canal (my one and only) that failed sometime over the last few months (hence my swollen cheek). I did not know it going into it but apparently shedding an additional $1100 from my wallet and an hour of my time is supposed to fix that right up. The good news is that , so far, it feels pretty good (not paying for it, my tooth) and I am hopeful that this time it will stick. I am also tired of looking like a lopsided chipmunk. So, I guess this may, in fact, be a source of my enthusiasm.

The exercise regimen has been pretty exciting as well. Lynley still laughs at me for being inspired by a late night infomercial. In fact, we don't discuss my exercising at all. She seems pretty annoyed by the whole thing. I would have really been in the dog house had I bought it at retail. What can I say, I am the sucker of the family. Thankfully though I bought the package off of Craigs List at about half off. That made her less annoyed but still not chipper.

I never thought I would be the guy doing exercise videos in my kitchen but, hey, whatever works. I like the regimen because it only requires 35 to 45 minutes per day and I did not have to buy any equipment. Additionally it is a 60 day program. I figure I can do anything for 60 days so I am giving it my all. So far I have gained an inch in my chest, lost two in my waist and I am no where near as girthy. My shirts are now tighter in my chest than they are around my midsection - what a strange feeling. Pretty amazing results for 2 little weeks. So, this too, may be reason enough for the hop in my step.

But no, I really don't think it is all that either. Things are just going pretty good right now. Wife is good. Kiddos are good. Spring is in the air.

Ironically the only thing bad in my life right now is the fear of being complacent - the fear of waiting for the other shoe to fall. It was when our life was going so well that neuroblastoma landed in our lives. Whenever things start to go well again, I still fear the worst. Have I been forever reprogrammed that way?

Isn't that strange?

I guess it is all perspective. Maybe it is a gift?

It is what reminds me of the importance of my purpose.

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