Monday, October 20, 2008

Clean Scans - Still no Internet

Good morning! Well, I am happy to announce that Sydney’s scans were pronounced clean. I received the call from Dr. Eames on Friday. Of course, you don’t know this because the internet still is not functional at my house. Once again, we can thank Charter for that. I really don’t want to go into a rant so I will simply leave it with saying “Charter is an awful company with poor quality service and even worse support.”

Sydney’s scans were actually even better than expected. These scans were virtually useless at looking at her spot in her arm – it was never detected by MIBG or CT – but that is not to say that they did not have value. First and foremost they did not show solid tumor disease. That, in and of itself, is quite an excellent finding. Furthermore, the scans did not show any anything by MIBG. That means there were no signs of MIBG positive disease anywhere in her body. Although we do not know whether she is MIBG positive any longer it still is a good feeling to see a clean scan. Finally, and this was the bonus prize, her sinuses were “greatly” improved. Do you know how long Sydney’s sinuses have been jam packed with crud? Years! Several! In fact, unbeknownst to many I have dedicated a small portion of my life to doing nothing but fighting this dreaded snot – often at the ridicule of my wife. She found my dedication laughable in the months of failure. I was religious about delivering the three drug concoction to defeat the snots. But, I stand here today proudly holding on to her bottles of Singulair, Astelin and Nasonex with a sense of pride.

I defeated snot.

Just one single facet of my purpose.


Anonymous said...

That is just AWESOME news! The scans and the snot!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Now seriously, have Sydney tested several times for crypto and giardia - - her stomach aches and lethargy are spot on symptoms!

Anonymous said...

Please look into Singulair. It can be very devastating to people who have side effects. My son was on it for 5 years and we went through hell. The info is at and (a blog where you can read many stories like mine). Just a warning from one parent to another. I would hate for anybody to go through what I did.