Thursday, October 23, 2008


You are not going to believe this but I still do not have internet access – or phones for that matter. This is now going on a week. How’s that for service? Aren’t you itching to go sign up for Charter?

Yesterday, went splendidly. The taping for the cable TV segment went very well – at least I think it did. Although I had roughly 25 minutes I did not really have the opportunity to get everything I wanted to in. That probably does not surprise anyone that knows be well. Regardless, I covered many of the most important points and it was another opportunity to get the word neuroblastoma out there. I will be sure to post information here when it airs. I hope I have cable by then.

So, tomorrow is the golf tournament, and I desperately need some help. One of the guys in my foursome cancelled on me – something about taking care of kids. He knows all too well that is about the only excuse that carries any water with me. However, that does not fix the problem. I am still a golfer short. I need one. So I have another trade to offer. Be a part of my foursome and I will share this incredibly cute video. Yes, I know, you think the one yesterday was satisfying. This one is 10 times better. The problem is you can only watch it if you email me and agree to be the fourth player on my time. Come on, I need your help! I really need a fourth player. Who is it going to be?

In the time being I am going to post the video below. Just remember, you aren’t allowed to watch it until I get my fourth player.

In all due seriousness, I really do need a fourth. Please email me at if you can play.

It is for a great purpose.

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