Thursday, October 2, 2008

A trip to Dr. Debbie

Sometimes, I feel like a genuine broken record. This week has been another utterly hectic week. It was capped off with a call from the school nurse with a report that Sydney had scored an official fever. The school still cracks me up. Anything over 100 degrees and they send you home. From what I understand Sydney was at 100.1. You see, in my mind, that doesn't really count as a fever. In fact, when Sydney was in treatment we weren't even allowed to call the doctor until her temp was over 101.5 - and that was when she was neutropenic.

None the less, I hopped in my car and picked her up. It just so happens that the child across from her had been diagnosed with strep the day before. Sydney complained that her throat also hurt but I must admit that I was a bit skeptical. She was really "sicking" it up pretty good. On the way home we stopped by Dr. Debbie's for a strep test, a once over, and a look at her eye. By the time we arrived her temperature had corrected itself and her temp was down to 99.2. Thankfully the quick strep test came back negative as well. Dr. Debbie gave us an antibiotic, just in case, and we will see if any cultures grow before Friday. Generally, Sydney looked pretty good with the exception of her arms and legs which were covered with bug bites and scabs. She has got to get out of the habit of scratching those itchy bug bites. It has been an ongoing challenge for us throughout the summer.

The only kind of strange thing that surfaced during our chat with Dr. Debbie was Sydney's eye. Her left eye has about a half centimeter circle of broken blood vessels. Apparently this can occur with a bad coughing episode or throwing up. Although Sydney has had a cough, it was not something that I thought was bad enough to cause this. Of course, as parents of a child with neuroblastoma we have that looming thought in the back of our minds. Could this somehow be related to neuroblastoma? As much as I know, it is probably not in any way related but my mind still can not help from wandering there. Isn't fear a funny thing. For the life of me I can not think of how neuroblastoma would cause broken blood vessels in the eye yet it is the first place my mind floats. Interesting.

Finally, we still have room for some main dishes and sides for the Lunch for Life Cookbook. I am editing the book as we speak. Please consider downloading the PDF file in the link below and submitting another recipe or two. We could use some more and we can use them fast.

Well with that I am off. Purpose awaits.

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