Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A breath of fresh air

First off, I want to thank everyone for the messages and massive amounts of email. I can not tell you how many emails I received describing some type of ailment that explained Sydney's symptoms perfectly. I was truly relieved at the volumes of messages that I received. Even though I write in this diary on the internet everyday I somehow forget to realize that anyone actually reads my words. Some days I think we all feel a little alone in this world but it sure feels nice to be propped up with support when you really need it. In short, it seems that there are many viruses going around that explain symptoms. It was good to be reminded of that.

I am also pretty sure that you know me well enough to know that although I do feel better I still find myself concerned. They don't call neuroblastoma the "great masquerader" for nothing. I have gotten better. I generally don't freak out with any single symptom. It is only when the evidence begins to feel overwhelming that I let my juices get flowing. Regardless, I want to personally thank everyone for the reminder that this can still be absolutely, positively nothing.

So, what did yesterday leave us with? Well, all of the kiddos were out of school and Mommy stayed home from work with them. I spent the majority of my day typing away on the couch. It was nice having some noise around the house. I had forgotten how quiet it was without them. It was nice to have interruptions and the pitter pat of little footsies running around. Sydney started out the morning complaining about how badly she felt. I was mildly sympathetic but explained how sad I was that she was going to have to stay in bed all day if she was that sick. Oddly enough she never complained for the rest of the day. Her appetite was back and she spent much of the day in normal activities. There were trips to the park, hops on the trampoline, and races around the yard. All of this was without any complaint or any visible signs of stress or discomfort. This too, gave me reason to feel a bit better. I am anxious to see how she feels today but I am already predicting that I will hear how awful she feels this morning. I hope I am wrong. It would not be the first time.

This day of purpose was much more tolerable.

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Carolyn Wing said...

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