Thursday, October 9, 2008

Different ways of helping

Yet another day that I have a million things that I need to talk about regarding neuroblastoma and childhood cancer. I spent the bulk of yesterday on the phone. Today will be much the same. I have been talking to several families who have children in dire straights and are desperately looking for answers. This is both my least favorite activity and my favorite. I hate the fact that I am talking to families that are literally fighting for their child's life. I can hear and feel the desperation in their voices. To this day, every conversation reverberates down to my core as I remember that feeling all to well. I can only imagine that it is that much worse when you don't have the luxury of information. I am not saying that I have the answers. I don't. But, I do have a finger on the pulse of what is available and a knack for knowing how a bunch of treatments could potentially fit together in a pretty reasonable treatment plan that has a chance for success. In this way, I know which questions to tell them to ask and who to ask them of. It is in this sense of providing options in what appears to be both a vacuum of information and yet an overload that this becomes one of my favorite activities. I can help another family make sense when their world has been crushed. It is on these days that I feel that I have made a difference. I know that I can provide many of these families with direction but I don't honestly think that is the true value. I think it is just the fact of being there and finding some way to sustain a little hope and confidence in a world that seems devoid. Assurance that you are doing the best for your child is strong medicine.

Now, onto a completely different subject. You know, you never know who is going to try and step up and make a difference in your life. Unfortunately, you also never know when they are going to do it until the very last minute. This is one such instance. I had a call a few days ago from a gentleman who was putting a country music concert together. He wanted to use the concert to benefit Lunch for Life and the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. Since then he has convinced 5 bands to give up a portion of their proceeds and participate in a concert to benefit neuroblastoma.

Here is the rub.

The concert is tomorrow night at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth, TX.

So, on very short notice I am inviting you to attend this country music concert. As I mentioned the night will include music by five bands and it will run from 7:00 PM until mid night. I understand if you can't stay for the whole thing. As I established yesterday that is way past my bed time. However, if you would come out and support the cause and listen to some great music that would be truly wonderful. Here is the information:

Ridglea Round-Up
Friday, October 10th @ The Ridglea Theater

Show starts at 7pm til 12am and ticket prices are $10 for 21 & up and $13 for under 21

Information on the bands that will be playing. 7 - 7:45 pm 8 - 8:45 pm 9 - 9:45 pm 10- 10:45 pm
Http:// 11 -12:00 pm

Again, a portion of the sales from each ticket will go to benefit the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. Please stop by after dinner and help us have a great time.

Purpose comes in a variety of different ways.

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