Friday, October 17, 2008

Waiting and waiting

Okay, so I have been without cable, Internet access or phone service this morning so I really don't know anything. In fact, for all I know, my family could be the only surviving family from an alien invasion and I would know no better. In fact, the only thing I am truly sure of is that I don't like Charter Communications. There is rarely an entire week that goes by that we don't have an outage of some sort. I am amazed that a company has gotten as large as theirs with such horrible service and even worse support. Is that enough of a rant?

So, I get it. I am touchy. But, in my defense I still have not heard from Dr. Eames regarding Sydney's scans. I have gotten past the immediate phone calls. The ones that you get when it is obvious that there is something amiss. I am truly thankful for that. Now I must wait out whether the scans are clear or whether they are being reviewed and discussed in more detail. Like I said, I get it. I see how it works. So, I will just sit and wait and worry. I am good at it. I will let everyone know as soon as I know anything.

For those of you looking for an amateur radiology report I am really not prepared to give one. I never got to see the full view. In fact I just saw the small Sydney on the screen. I can tell you that her abdomen was once again chock full of nuclear waste. This is usual and why I don't like reading MIBG scans. However, from what I could tell in my limited view of the hips and above she looked pretty clean to me. But honestly, I did not getting a very good viey so I could be missing a slew of small things. I have no confindence either way but am very happy that I did not spot something obvious.

On a separate note, I technically don't know whether I am allowed to talk about it or not but we have a close friend of our family that is going through the process of a breast cancer diagnosis. She is a mom and a wife and an incredible person that has played a major role in our lives. It just kills me that she is having to walk this path. I am just praying that the prognosis is good. I don't really have much else to say on the subject right now. I just felt like talking about it. I just wanted her to know that we are continuing to think about her and her family.

I have a multifaceted purpose today.

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain with Charter. I finally canceled my cable and went to Direct. I have to have Charter internet because that is the only high speed we have in my area. Keeping good thoughts about the scans and keeping your friend in my thoughts and prayers. Gay May