Monday, September 15, 2008

True disaster

Good Morning! Our weekend went fairly well. However, our minds and hearts have been with the families in Houston and Galveston. I am always amazed with tragic events such as this. I am especially taken back for two reasons. First, a few years before Sydney was born a tornado came right down our street. Although we made it out okay and our house was one of few on the street that did not incur significant damage, I still remember the aftermath very clearly. We had no power or water and our street was impassable. In fact, for two days we could not get off of our block by car. I remember the eery sounds of helicopters overhead and the constant barrage of sirens. It was such a completely surreal feeling to know that days before we were living on a peaceful tree covered street in the lap of luxury only to find our selves in a now barren and chaotic world.

The second thing that really hits home for me is the fact that I was supposed to be down in Houston on Thursday to meet with about 30 families of children with neuroblastoma. While I was not concerned about myself the reality of what they must be going through is just that much closer. I know of several who were inpatient in the hospital. I feel for them but know that they were in capable hands with some very dedicated and brave nurses and physicians that stayed behind. I have heard that the night of the storm they had to move all of the patients to the hallways. They did this to protect them from shattering glass and debris. I also feel for all of the families that are there at their homes (or what is left) and are living the surreal existence that we remember so vividly. We were lucky. At the time we did not have children. It was just Lynley and I. I can't even imagine what it would be like with children and especially children with cancer. Just think about the logistics. Even outpatient. How do the kiddos get their labs and blood products when they need them? How do they keep their refrigerated medications cool? For those that need dressing changes (most) how do they keep a sterile environment with out running water. It is extremely tough, life and death, for many of these families and it does not even begin to take into consideration whether or not they personally sustained any damage to their property or, worse yet, themselves.

My prayers are with them today and with the prospect of not having electricity for 2 to 3 weeks I want them to know that they have a place with us if they need one. Just get to Fort Worth and we will deliver on the comfort and shelter. It sounds funny to write that on the Internet which they don't have the electricity to see but some of these families subscribe to my blog via email and if they have email on their phones they just might get the message than they have options elsewhere.

We are sending hope and prayers your way.

We are here if you need anything.

We all share purpose.

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