Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Neuroblastoma Grand Rounds at the University of North Texas Health Science Center

Good morning! Well, today is another busy day around the Dungan household. The kids are off to school but, as usual, my schedule is jam packed with fun neuroblastoma stuff. Today something pretty cool is happening. The medical school here in Fort Worth is having a Ground Rounds today and the subject is neuroblastoma. Lunch is being sponsored by the CNCF. This is key. The better the lunch - the more people come to the Grand Rounds. The more people at Grand Rounds - the more people hear and learn about neuroblastoma. I, of course, will be attending. It is important for me because I expect to see many of the research faculty there. This is a group that has some very interesting research going on in adult cancers and I would love to see them expand their horizons into our little neck of the woods. The official title of the talk is "Neuroblastoma: Insights into the Best and the Worst of Pediatric Cancer" and will be given by none other than our very own Dr. Granger. It will be a relatively basic talk but will hopefully highlight some of the interesting anomalies that make this such a fascinating disease.

Well I had best be off. Today clearly has purpose.

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