Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ainsley's official start of school

Good morning! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. As one would expect, we sure did. For me, it was a surprisingly relaxing weekend. Lynley's brother Unkie Jay and his girlfriend Stina (Christina in Ainsleyian) stayed with us. This was an excuse to get out of chores and just spend time hanging around. Of course, we also spent quite a bit of time running around town. This included trips to the botanical gardens, cow town, and a myriad of other places. I even got to look for a new car (well, new to me). Let's put it this way, driving a Suburban up to 2 hours a day driving kiddos back and forth from school at almost $4 per gallon is putting a hurt on the old budget. I can see a more efficient Sedan in my future.

Today is a big day in the Dungan household. Today Ainsley starts her new school. It was not easy finding the perfect school for Ainsley. As you would probably expect, we looked at several different places. We chose this school based on the quality of the staff and the friendliness of the surroundings. All in all I think we made a fine choice. I have no worries about Ainsley in this environment. Ultimately, however, it will come down to what she likes. Lynley and I are hopeful that she will be happy here. We hold out high hopes.

As for the rest of the twerplets, well, I am happy to say that they seem to be doing exceedingly well at school. I am quite proud of both Sydney and Graham. From everything we have hear they are doing very, very well. Sydney has made many new friends in her new class and Graham even seems to be finding his niche. I guess it is Graham's age and the fact that he is surrounded by so many boys in his class but he is really making his move into boydom. Although he still loves to play with the girls, more and more often we can find him doing boy building spaceships and swords and playing boy games. I would not be honest if I did not say that I preferred this to the tea parties and ballet recitals with the girls. Grunt, grunt!

My purpii are growing up.

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