Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An ear infection? Really?

Good morning! Well, yesterday went pretty well. I spent most of my day in the car which was unfortunate considering all of the work that I had to do on the computer. Regardless, there was plenty that needed to be accomplished for Stand Up for Life. So, off I went. Unfortunately, today will be much more of the same.

For Ainsley, I am hoping that today will bring much more improvement. I have hastened to mention that she was a bit under the weather. It is not that it is difficult to tell with her. I think it is really that I am in such disbelief that her symptom is actually such an accurate predictor. You see, the way that we tell if Ainsley is sick is this simple formula.

Did she cry?

It is that simple. If Ainsley is crying chances are that she is sick. It is just not her nature to be cry-y or whiny. She just doesn't do it. Furthermore you have to watch pretty closely because you just might get lucky enough to get even more than that. You will get a whine. The whine can be about anything. I don't want to eat my dinner. I don't want to get dressed. Yes, any myriad of whines that are atypical of her. But, that can also be followed by a very quick, quiet, and nonchalant statement such as "I have an ear infection." She usually then makes an immediate and full recovery and she is back to playing and laughing in a flash. That is it. That is all you get. And, although it is so incredibly accurate and universally true, I am always in utter disbelief. You have to be kidding me. She's sick? No way! She is back playing and having a great time with the gaggle. How can she be sick?

The thing is. The more you wait. The more often this behavior will come. We will eventually succumb to a trip to Dr. Debbie's based on these symptoms (or lack there of). Think about it. Think about your discussion with the pediatrician.

Dr.: "What is the matter with Ainsley?"
Me: "She cried."
Dr.: "And?"
Me: "Well, right before she went swinging on the swing set she said she had an ear infection."
Dr.: "She is 3 right?"
Me: "Yes, fix her please."

What would you be thinking if you were the doctor. It is okay, you can say it. You would think I am nuts - perhaps a taco short of a Mexican combination plate. That's all right. I can take it. The funny thing is that, in this situation, universally she will indeed have an ear infection. In fact, I can never remember a time when it has presented any differently. I am amazed by her every time and also by the diagnosis. Honestly, I am also a bit relieved. Dr. Debbie, however, I think just chalks it up to those quirky Dungans.

Ainsley, though, is a tough cookie.

She is like purpose. Don't underestimate this one.

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