Monday, September 29, 2008

Crying Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home.

A few months ago Lynley started bugging me about getting a Wii for the kids. First, you should know that I am fundamentally against video games. I am in far more favor of just getting outside and using your imagination. I love seeing the kids out in the backyard climbing trees, jumping on the trampoline, riding bicycles, and playing in the playhouse - good old fashioned American fun. The good news for me about the Wii was that they were still nowhere to be found. To this day most stores sell out of them the day they are received in inventory. This just tells me that they will probably be pretty scarce around Christmas. Regardless, I was feeling pretty good about myself and my chances of not having to purchase a Wii.

Sure enough, however, about a month ago Lynley came home from one of her shopping excursions with a Wii. She was so proud of herself for finding one. I was still totally against the idea. After much cajoling we agreed to keep it until Christmas. We decided that we would either sell it when the time came or give it to the kids as a Christmas present. I carefully hid it in the back of my workroom. It was on the top shelf covered in plastic. I was not particularly worried that the kiddos would find it. Heck, they did not even know what a Wii was.

Boy, was I wrong.

On Saturday morning I was out in the backyard watching Graham and Ainsley when Sydney came tearing outside shouting "We have a Wii! We have a Wii!" At first, it caught me off guard. I was in disbelief that she even knew what she was talking about. Sure enough, though, she grabbed me by hand and dragged me back into the workroom. She pointed straight at it. There was significant kiddo screaming in happiness as I drug it down from it's resting place.

There was not much I could do now.

Lynley and I had a family meeting and decided that we would go ahead and give it to the kiddos. Afterall, the surprise was over. We told them, however, that they would have to remember this at Christmas. As a family we quickly unwrapped our Christmas present (Well, Hanukkah for Ainsley) and began plugging it all in. As we began playing he games I was happy to see the amount of exercise that it took to play many of the games. I am surprised at how far gaming technology has come. In fact, I found myself completely worn out after two rounds of boxing. The kids have had a blast. Graham has become a master boxer. I, of course, have taken a natural liking to Golf, and Sydney has exceeded all expectations by scoring over 230 in bowling.

In the end, I am still not excited about the idea of having video games in the household but I must admit that I am ecstatic with the one Lynley chose. It requires physical fitness and helps with the ever critical eye hand coordination.

Now, I just have to figure out what to get the kiddos for the holidays.

Just another day in the land of sneaky purpii.

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Anonymous said...

Just had to leave a comment on this one. I too have always been against video games.

My kids now 30 and 25 thought I was such a bad mother for not giving in to all the hype.

My 25year old daughter really got me back when she met and began dating her now live in boyfriend.

he is an Account Manager for Nintendo and they not only have all the nintendo gaming consoles, they also have all the competitors.

They actually had me hooked on Wii for a Hope the kids enjoy. Forth holidays consider Wii Fit.