Monday, September 22, 2008

Perfect Weekend

Here we are at another Monday morning. The weekend went very well although one cuckoo flew the cuckoo's nest on Friday. Sydney was invited to a sleep over birthday party at her best friend Jillian's house. So, swiftly from school, she was ushered off into an evening of bliss. In fact, we would not see her until almost 24 full hours later. She had a great time, as expected. Maybe too much fun as I heard rumor that they were up chattering away until almost midnight.

Sydney had a little difficulty adjusting to being back home. This always seems to be the case. When she first gets back she is always sad because she misses Jillian already. Yes, those first few minutes away after spending 24 hours with someone are fairly brutal, aren't they? Unfortunately, and for some reason that I can not put my finger directly on, she changes from sad to mean to everyone around her. It is especially evident around her brother and sister. That is the hardest to watch because they are just so thankful that their leader is back. After about 30 minutes of this, though, it seems to subside and return to normal. The next thing you know they are out cheering Graham on as he races around the pool and playing any one of a myriad of their make believe games.

Saturday morning for us was all about Lynley and her precious new car. Yes, Graham, Ainsley and I got to go with Lynley as she had new car lessons. Oh yes, how nice for her. Especially because she has her nice new car and I, who started this whole quest to save money for our family, am still driving my gas gulping, neanderthal Suburban. (By the way, Don't tell Lynley. I happen to love my old Suburban. I just hate the gas prices. None the less, I am continuing to milk it for all that it is worth.) Anyway, yes you heard me. She had lessons on her car. Talk about rubbing it in.

Sunday was relatively quiet. Well, quiet except for the usual squabblings of the twerplets scampering around. We did our usual chores. They washed Lynley's precious car (and apparently 1/3 of my Suburban) Most however, was spent running around the house and terrorizing the neighborhood.

All in all, it was a perfect weekend around the Dungan household.

It was a rejuvenation of purpose.

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Goodnight, Mom said...

Hi Mark,

Just found your site from Erin's. My name is Kristi Bernstein and I am mother to Eva (23 mos). Eva was diagnosed with NB in Feb. We resected the tumor and had hoped that all was finished. Not so and we're in the hospital now receiving her first round of chemo. I was writing today because, first, I love your writing, and secondly, we live in Dallas (we go to Medical City and see Dr. Goldman, Lenarksy and Weinthal). I would love to get more information as you do NB events in Dallas. Unfortunately, we'll still be here in Med City for the Stand Up event.

Thank you!
Kristi Bernstein