Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Speed Racer

Good morning! All is well at the Dungan household. I am happy to report that Sydney, Graham, and Ainsley all survived Monday at school. Graham had an incident but seems to have made it through just fine. After I pick them up from school I am always a bit nervous as to what I will find when I open up their folders. You see, at SCS each child has a folder. This is where we receive all of our communication from the teachers. Usually the folder is chock full of graded assignments, artwork, and fliers. However, there are also always two pages to note. The first is the calendar with their stickers on it. These are the green, yellow, and red stickers you have heard me talk about before. It is up to our kiddos to make sure they bring a green sticker home everyday. They aren't perfect but they do pretty well here. The punishment for a yellow sticker is pretty disagreeable to them. The other page that we look at is somewhat like a diary. It is a short paragraph that describes the good and the bad. We don't receive communication everyday but it gives us some insight as to what they are doing. Yesterday however, Graham's note was in red ink. The made my jaw drop. I was thinking "On no, what did the Dudester do now?" As it turns out he was poked with a toy in the forehead. It caused a bruise and a mark. They applied some ice and just wanted us to know that he was not at fault, he was okay, and they have talked with the other child. Graham later told us that it was "on accident." He seemed fairly nonchalant and totally unconcerned. It definitely did not deserve red ink. I think a nice blue would have worked just fine.

Later that afternoon Graham spent time at his new favorite hobby, racing around the pool on his big wheel. You would be utterly amazed by the speed this kiddo can achieve. Just so you know, there is no doubt in my mind that he will end up in the pool. With his speed, the smoothness of the payment, and the sharp curves we are fully prepared. It is just going to happen. That is part of being a boy though. He is so proud of himself. He knows he can go fast. He knows he is pushing the envelope. In my mind, there is probably no one that could do it better. He races around as fast as he can just shrieking and giggling all the way around. It is a complete and utter joy to see him in such a state. I will see if I can capture a video tonight.

It is moments like these that really drive home what purpose is all about.

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